Technical Details

CT Bridge consists of a server component which links to Avaya's AACC (Contact Centre)
and the TAPI Service Provider (TSP), also known as the TAPI driver.

This TSP provides the same TAPI functions and messages as the old Driver (Meridian / Symposium).

Supported Avaya Platforms:

  • Avaya CS1000 Rls 5.5, Rls 7.5
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center Rls 6.0 (CCT7)
  • Other releases upon request

CTI applications:

  • Telesnap Snapware Version 2007 and 2009
  • xCall
  • xPhone
  • Other applications upon request



TAPI Functionality

Basic functions:

  • lineMakeCall
  • lineAnswer
  • lineDrop
  • lineHold / Unhold

Advanced functions:

  • lineBlindTransfer1
  • lineSetupTransfer
  • lineRedirec
  • lineCompleteTransfer
  • lineSetupConference
  • lineAddToConference

Deluxe functions:

  • lineGenerateDigits
  • lineRedirect1
  • lineForward1
  • lineSetAgentState

Software Developers will find all information on the CT Bridge Telephony Service Provider in the Interface-Description

1 Not available with SIP links